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Penny Wags her Support

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Penny a Bernese Mountain Dog thinks Jon is good for her and Lake Forest Park.

Welcome to Penny’s blog, that is me. I am 5-1/2 years old. As a member of the family, I think I should be able to share my journey’s as well.

My dad will make a terrific Lake forest Park Council Member. He is kind to others and takes me on hikes. Each day I look forward to the walks in the neighborhood and trips to the dog park with my mom. Dad calls her Mary Ellen. Saturday is Dad’s day. I get to go with Dad on a 4-8 mile hike. Twelve miles in the pouring rain is my personal best. It felt like it was up hill both ways. I got a lot of treats and rest that day. I have completed the Tolt River pipeline trail and the Snoqualmie Valley Trail. Now I am hiking all the trails in the Cougar Mountain area. I do prefer the cold and rainy-day hikes – I don’t get so hot. On Saturday it takes Dad a while to get going. So, he does not forget, I follow him around the house like his shadow. I give him my really sorrowful look to hurry him along. It works every time.

As soon as I hear the treats being prepped and the water bottles being filled, I know it is time to go. He is a good dad; he carries all the water and treats for me. He will even carry my poop out. If someone else drops a poop bag, he will carry it out too. As they say, take pictures and leave nothing behind.

Sundays are great. I get to walk with mom and dad to the LFP Farmer’s Market. I like Mud Bay, well most of it. I don’t like getting weighed – I am a dog; does it really matter? I follow dad around the store. He thinks he is leading, but I always now where we will end up. Then, the clerks give me a treat and a great ear rub. They are the best. I have this trick. They put food on the floor, waiting to see how long I can wait. What they don’t know is, I can wait a really long time. Just for fun, I drool on the floor while I am waiting. Then, it is off to the Farmer’s Market. I miss going in. I would always get to eat the kettle corn off the ground. It was the best. I love how total strangers would come up and pet me. If I really like them, I sit on their feet. If I look at them, maybe they will give me a treat too.

Dad is good to me. He thinks I know tricks. I just wait for him to go through the motions, so I can get a tummy rub, or get a good scratching. He can reach just the spot behind my ears that really feels good. He will make sure I look good. But, I don’t like the brushings or bathing. A dog should smell like a dog, not like some perfumed shampoo.

Was it a Skunk?

I remember one hike. We just started the hike. I found the smelliest slimiest patch of ground. I was too fast for dad. I rolled and rolled, like a pig in mud on the hottest day of the year. It was great. I stunk the whole hike. Dad had to put the windows in the car down on the trip home. I thought that was great. When I got home, mom asked, “Did you encounter a skunk?” I don’t recall seeing a skunk. I was still smiling. Then it happened – I had to have a bath.

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