Proposition No. 1
Levy for Walkways, Safe Connections, Parks, and Recreation

I am voting NO on Prop No.1


I am big supporter of investing in our parks, recreation, sidewalks and safe walkways.  In my work as an architect and construction project leader of public projects, I have seen the value of investing in recreational and safe walkways infrastructure.   


Prop 1, does not meet the standard for how to develop an infrastructure program. It represents a poorly defined list of projects, without realistic costs or timeline.  The $2 million tax per year increase is left for future councils to decide how and when to spend the money.  This tax goes on forever.


I have more than 30 years of experience leading the design and construction of large public projects, as Director of Capital Projects at the UW and now as Deputy Project Director for Sound Transit on the Eastside Light Rail project.  If the levy passes, I will be effective in making sure we spend your money wisely.  


If the levy fails, let’s work together to put a realistic recreational and safe walkways proposition on the ballot.  



  • Define the projects with realistic costs and timeline.  

  • Invest in cost-effective solutions to get the biggest  bang for the buck.  Concrete sidewalks have their place, let’s look at road curbs and gravel paths for practical low-cost solutions.  

  • Use standard designs and design-build procurement for lower costs and faster delivery.

  • Create safer roads to slow speeding cars and cut-through traffic in our neighborhoods.